Frequently Asked Questions

First Review: within 10 days of submission/payment.

Final Review: within 3 days of client revisions submitted back to Chilombo Careers.

Vanessa Da Costa, the owner of Chilombo Careers, currently reviews all documents and fulfills all services.

Our services are very detailed and thorough. We edit, comment, revise, restructure, reformat, reword, and rewrite when needed!

No. Chilombo Careers does not offer any recruiting services. We are here to help you improve your application, provide career advice and coaching, and connect you to resources developed by us as well as by others.

No. Due to time limitations and demands, free consultations are no longer available. If you would like to have a discussion or chat, purchase a 30 minute one-on-one consultation and you will receive a link to schedule your call. This is $50.

Yes! We now offer payment plans in 3 month installments. If you’d like this option, contact me so we can set that up.

For more than just an occasional yes or no answer, a 30 minute consultation call is required. Vanessa receives a lot of questions from former and current clients via text, and due to time limitations she cannot answer ad hoc texts and calls.

No, my services are open to all, however my primary target group is Public Health Students and Professionals, because Public Health is my area of expertise.

Vanessa is self-taught, and was providing free services to mentees, friends, and peers for 4 years prior to starting Chilombo Global Career Services LLC.

Vanessa has an impressive track record of assisting 70+ clients, with over 55% of those with a known outcome (and counting!) landing a highly coveted job or admission into graduate school. Most of Vanessa’s clients come from referrals from highly satisfied clients. Check out reviews here.

Yes. However Chilombo Careers is dedicated to giving back and paying it forward. 5% of all services purchased are donated towards Africa’s Tomorrow, an organization that supports women from rural African communities to pursue university degrees in the U.S.

Of course! Due to COVID-19, I currently only offer virtual speaking engagements. Please check out the About page for details.

I am happy to refer you to a colleague who may offer that service or discuss a plan to provide that service to you.

Yes! Chilombo Careers loves partnerships! Feel free to contact me with your idea for collaboration/proposal.

No! Updates are $50 for 2-page resumes, Federal Resumes, & CVs. The first update is free for members. To purchase this service Pay via PayPal or email us for alternative payment methods. 

Yes! This can be purchased under the Curriculum Vitae (CV) Service. Note that views are my own and my services are not affiliated with the U.S. Government. I also compiled a database of official U.S. Government Resources that can be accessed here

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