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Chilombo Global Career Services, LLC-founded by Vanessa DaCosta in January 2019-is a career development service and mentorship platform that specializes in global health.

The services are aimed at assisting Bachelors and Masters level students, recent graduates, and early career professionals find positions and advance their careers by improving their application materials (resumes, cover letters, essays) and providing advice and promoting discussion.

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Did you know that your resume is the first impression your employer has of you? At Chilombo Global, we provide a detailed resume review, that is likely to leave a lasting impression on your employer. Follow the links to purchase a resume review today!
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Are you currently in the process of applying to jobs? Chilombo Global offers affordable membership packages that cater to all career paths! Enjoy a 30% discount when you purchase a membership, in comparison to purchasing individual services. Email today!
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Millions of people are forced to choose between health care & necessities like food or clothing. See how @WHO is working for #HealthForAll on Sunday's #WorldHealthDay.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Chilombo Global Health Career Services are those of the owner and do not reflect the views of her employer or the U.S. Government.