I truly value feedback (both positive and negative) from all clients. Below are reviews from clients. Reviews can also be found on the Facebook page. If you would like to write a review,  please leave a review on the Facebook page or  fill out this review form.

  • “I am extremely grateful for the feedback for an application essay that Vanessa has reviewed for me. I am equally grateful for the access to different career websites for public health. Vanessa is very resourceful and insightful.”


  • “I appreciated how I was clearly guided on how to edit my resume and make it more presentable and concise.Vanessa has continuously provided me with timely job advertisements that are in line with my interests. I am grateful for the support and career advice she continues to render me.”


  • “Vanessa was very responsive and helpful with questions I had about my resume and global health career opportunity. She’s reliable and highly informative. I would highly recommend her services.”


  • “Vanessa was very thorough with her services. She helped me through the process of selecting internships for the summer, as well as the process of applying to MPH programs. Vanessa also reviewed my resume, and suggested edits/ revisions to make my resume more appealing to graduate schools and companies seeking to hire. Overall I would recommend Vanessa to help anyone with career/professional development.”


  • “Vanessa was very helpful in discussing a specific fellowship opportunity with me. She was willing to be flexible and schedule time with me on short notice. She answered all of my questions and provided me advice on areas of concern. I was able to use her advice as a crafted my application package and I believe I became a stronger candidate due to her advice.”


  • “I’m so grateful to have met and worked with Vanessa. She has provided me with some of the most insightful advice on my applications. She’s wonderful and would highly recommend her not just for her technical skills but because of her integrity; she really does do this out of the goodness of her heart. Many of us received her services for free prior to her establishing her business, and even without receiving any form of payment, she did not lower the caliber for help she provided. I plan on using her services from here on out and you should too.”
  • The first time I reached out to Vanessa, she assisted me with my personal statement and resume for an MPH program I was super nervous to apply to. She gave me excellent advise and corrected areas that needed to be corrected, moved around, and strengthened. I was accepted into the MPH program and will be starting graduate school next month! The second time I reached out to Vanessa, I was really lost in terms of finding a public health job to help me gain experience, but Vanessa calmly and effectively explained to me the process of applying for public health jobs and edited my resume. She completely transformed my thought process and motivated me to apply to jobs, even if they seem a bit intimidating. My resume is now polished and ready to go and makes me confident when applying. Thank you so much for all your help, Vanessa! I highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone! Vanessa genuinely cares about helping people and willing do anything in her power to help you reach places you wish to reach. Thank you again, Vanessa! Your wisdom and kindness is inspiring and will not be forgotten.


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