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This 1-hour  consultation service includes:

  • A specific walk through of document(s) of interest with feedback to client to make their own edits in realtime:
  •  Resume will be edited to current standards based on the industry the person is working in.
  • Steps to tailor cover letter based on job description of interest.
  • The LinkedIn profile revamp will include a review of their profile,  which includes a LinkedIn template where they can make the changes, and some profile recommendations and best practices. 

This is an alternative to our comprehensive document services where we directly make changes to the document for the client:

  • Federal Resume Revamp service
  • Resume + Cover Letter Revamp service


  1. Purchase the Service
  2. Complete the client questionnaire  that you will receive after payment. In the questionnaire,  submit all relevant* documents that are needed to complete this service. Specify in comments if you would like 1-hour to be used for all 3 documents or just 1 or 2.
  3. You will receive an email within 2 business days from the career coach who will facilitate booking and completing your document guidance consultation call via google meet.

*Required: LinkedIn profile URL, resume/CV

*Optional: a job description and cover letter


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