Early Career Professional (0-4 years of Experience)


6 Services:

1 two-page Resume
1 Linked In Profile
1 Cover Letter
1 Mock Interview
2 30 minute Phone/Video Consultations

Memberships are $10 off for the following people, so request a discount code if this applies to you: Current Bachelors/Masters Level Students, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (or current PCVs), RSPH Emory University Alumni, UNC-Chapel Hill Alumni.

1. Purchase the Service.
2. Complete the client questionnaire¬† that you will receive after payment. In the questionnaire, ¬†submit all relevant documents that are needed to complete your services. If you only want one service for now, only submit the documents that are needed to complete the service you’re requesting right away.
3. Within 2 days of payment you will receive a link to a google sheet to track the services used within your package.

Membership is valid for 1 year from the purchase date.


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