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The Thriving In Public Health Resume Checklist and Workbook from our 2nd Webinar is available for Instant DownloadFor only $50, you will receive our step-by-step formula to craft your quality resume!

Resume Checklist: What you need to complete for every resume section and HOW you need to complete it.

Practice exercises: Real resume before scenarios, with actual revisions in the answer key!

Bonus: You now also get the Navigating Your Public Health Job Search Checklist from our 4th webinar (Sep 8, 2021)!

About Thriving In Public Health: Thriving in Public Health is a webinar series that Vanessa Da Costa developed with Frances Dean (Founder of Create Critique and Revise Wizard LLC).  The mission of this initiative is to aid students and professionals to achieve success within public health academics and the workforce, through the use of webinars.

Checkout the Thriving in Public Health Eventbrite page for future webinars!


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