*The Global Health Job Database is a FREE database I created of over 90 public health related organizations and companies and over 15 online learning platforms. Email me ( for the database password.

*The Job Application Tracker Template is an organizational excel template that can be used to keep track of the positions you apply to. Feel free to download this and personalize it!

*How to succeed in your post-MPH career search: A Recent Graduate’s Perspective, is a blog post I wrote for PH SPOT. It includes 10 tips to jumpstart your career post-MPH.

*Alumni Spotlight: Vanessa Da Costa is a blog post on the Department of Epidemiology Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University blog The ConfounderI discuss how my coursework and work experiences while in graduate school prepared me for the work I do in my current job.

Stay tuned for more resources!


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