Chilombo Scholars Program

Chilombo Global Career Services LLC is launching the Chilombo Scholars Program in Summer 2021 to provide paid work experiences to students and recent graduates (undergraduate and graduate level) of Black/African Descent with a background in public health. Because this is a pilot program, only 3 nonprofits will be chosen for Summer 2021. Nonprofits who are not selected will be placed on a waiting list until the next cohort is available. 

Future Scholars

Do you aspire to work in public health? Would you like to grow your experience in the social sector? Chilombo Careers has launched the Chilombo Scholars program to provide a pathway for students and recent graduates (undergraduate and graduate level) of Black/African Descent in public health to gain paid experience. As a scholar you would be paid $12 per hour for 8 weeks, working  remotely for 10 hours a week. 

Onboarding & Professional Development- Upon acceptance into the program, you will begin with a paid week of professional development sessions with your Chilombo Scholars cohort. The daily sessions will aim to prepare you for your supportive roles at your future placements. In addition, this may possibly be the time you are onboarded with your placement. 

Applied Experience & Final Deliverable- During weeks 2-7 you will spend 10 hours a week obtaining real world experience. During week 8 you will present a deliverable on your overall experience with your cohort and the Chilombo Careers team.

Career Coaching- You will also gain access to a one on one coaching session with a career coach from the Chilombo Careers team to ask any questions you have about careers, resume revamping, interview prep, and more. 


  • Undergraduate juniors and seniors, those taking a gap year, graduate students, or recent (within 2 years) graduates.
  •  LESS THAN 2 years of experience in public health
  • A United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Must identify as Black or of African descent 
  • Can commit to 10 hours a week between June 7-August 13, 2021

The Process Timeline 

  1. Applications open March 23, 2021.
  2. Complete the application by the April 6,  2021 deadline. 
  3. If selected, you will receive  job descriptions and an email to schedule the interview. 
  4. If you advance, you’ll have the opportunity to rank which nonprofits and roles you are interested in. 
  5. Receive placement with one of our Nonprofit Partners.
  6. Enjoy a week of professional development training and onboarding.
  7. Start your placement, and continue  for 7 weeks.
  8. Complete a project showcasing your knowledge gained from the experience

Positions may be focused in the following areas:

  • grant/ proposal writing
  • program planning 
  • report writing
  • data analysis/visualization
  • research, literature reviews 
  • implementing health education lessons
  • curriculum development 
  • community outreach 

Applications open March 23, 2021 

Future Partners

We invite Black led nonprofits to apply to be a Chilombo Scholars Partner. Chilombo Careers wants to increase the talent going into the social sector, while closing up the financial inequality gap Black ran organizations face. How? We will pay for your organization to have one scholar this summer. Scholars are paid for 10 hours of work per week at a rate of $12 per hour. 

If your organization can pay half of the total fee ($960), which would be $480, we invite you to apply as we offer matching abilities. This would allow for Chilombo Careers to support more organizations. If this applies to you, select the option in the application. 

Experiences for Summer 2021 must be remote, and you cannot request a scholar for administrative tasks. scholars are present to support your mission, but they must be learning from this also. Some roles you can offer include:

  • grant/ proposal writing
  • program planning 
  • report writing
  • data analysis/visualization
  • research, literature reviews 
  • implementing health education lessons
  • curriculum development 
  • community outreach

During the first week we lead scholars in a series of training sessions that should help them at each placement. However, as a nonprofit partner, you are still required to onboard the scholar within your organization. If accepted as  a partner, you would also go through a training to ensure you are prepared to accept a scholar. Throughout the process we will be in communication with you and the scholars. Upon completion of the program we are asking scholars to create a creative project to showcase their new knowledge, and all parties will complete a survey at the midpoint and end of the program so we can improve throughout the program.


  • Must be a registered nonprofit organization providing services related to health education, public health or healthcare
  • Organization MUST be Black/African Descent ran organization 
  • Operating budget must be under $100,000
  • Organization must have one leader who can dedicate weekly time to the scholar

The Process Timeline 

  1. Attend the information session on Feb 18th or view the presentation here– this is required
  2. Complete the application
  3. Be invited as a partner 
  4. Sign all necessary documents
  5. Complete the Chilombo Scholars Partner Training
  6. Rank scholars in order of preference
  7. Be assigned a scholar
  8. Onboard and Lead scholar
Applications open March 1, 2021



Where are scholars from? Scholars are public health students and early career professionals from across the United States.

How much will each scholar be paid? Scholars are paid $12 an hour. After completing the program, the total amount received will be $960.

How much does a nonprofit have to pay in order to partner with Chilombo Careers? Nonprofit organizations are not required to pay anything at this time unless they can pay half the fee, which is $480.

Could I view the professional development material even if I am not a scholar? Yes, you can purchase tickets to gain access to the sessions. Recorded sessions will also be available for purchase.

Can the Chilombo team help my nonprofit develop the work experience? No, we can answer questions and offer small guidance, but nonprofits should apply knowing what the scholar’s day to day activities will be.

As a scholar, how many training sessions are there? You will have 5 sessions with Chilombo Careers spread out over the course of a week. You will also have a training session with your nonprofit placement, but they will inform you on the details.

When would scholars receive the training schedule? Once accepted into the program you will receive a calendar with the exact times of every training. The program starts Monday, June 7, 2021, so plan for training to be during this week. Nonprofits are recommended to begin onboarding this week also so you can dive into the work at the beginning of week 2.  

Will Chilombo Careers handle payroll for scholars? No, nonprofits will add scholars to their payroll systems. Paid scholars are legally considered employees. NOT CONTRACTORS but employees. We encourage nonprofits to consult with their board or an accountant with your questions especially if the scholar will be your first PAID worker. 

Do scholars pay taxes on money earned? Yes.

Does the nonprofit need to show proof of paying scholars to the Chilombo team? Yes. You are receiving funds from us to pay scholars, so we do request proof.

Can scholars change their placement? Yes, on a case by case basis, it’s possible for scholars to be placed at a different nonprofit within their first 3 weeks.

Will scholars receive insurance or other fringe benefits? No.

How is this program funded? This program is funded by the Facebook Small Business Grants Program for Black-Owned Businesses that Chilombo Global Career Services LLC was awarded in December 2020. It is also partially funded by the revenue from Chilombo Global Career Services LLC. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a scholar so that we can provide additional paid experiences, please reach out to us at the email listed below!

Still have questions? Email us at